SOPA provides specialized oral pathology services to veterinarians including veterinary dentists & oral surgeons, general practitioners, and veterinary oncologists.

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Biopsy Submission

Fill out the Online Submission form for your patient and send us the tissue sample (open to current SOPA clients only). Current clients may also order free supplies to assist you in the process, and shipping tips can be found on our website. 

Second Opinion

Fill out the Online Submission form as you would for a biopsy. Second opinion submissions should include the previous report, a thorough history, and any available photos or diagnostic imaging. From the original lab, please request either the original tissue block or 1 stained (H&E) and 3 unstained slides per tissue block.


Request a case review to get Dr. Bell’s opinion and perspective on a case that has yet to be biopsied or has been diagnosed by another pathology lab. This service does not involve histological evaluation. Email Dr. Bell directly (here) and provide as much clinical information as possible (e.g., previous pathology report, history, your ddx and concerns, photos, and diagnostic imaging).

Dr. Bell is careful to assimilate all provided history and clinical data. Particularly appreciated are PHOTOGRAPHS AND/OR DIAGNOSTIC IMAGES, which are always evaluated and not considered to be superfluous to the pathologist, a member of your team. Comments emphasize clinical relevance of the microscopic findings for the specific case. The diagnostic process works best when there is dialogue between the pathologist and clinician - greater engagement WILL advance veterinary medicine.


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