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New Client form

The best way to establish an account with SOPA is to complete the New Client form; However SOPA is not accepting new clients at this time. Please do not submit samples unless you are an established client. This may be reviewed in fall of 2022. 


Supplies Request form

Packaging supplies for shipping samples are available at no cost!


Submission forms 

SOPA Submission form document for cats, dogs, and horses (for hand written submissions only; if submitting online, please click here). 

New Client form; Currently not accepting 

The New Client form provides us with contact and billing information. Once your New Client form has been filled out, we look forward to receiving your first specimen. You may fill it out and email it to sopa@sopforanimals.com, or fill out a hard copy and send it through the mail with your first specimen.

Microsoft Word file                                             PDF file

Supplies Request form

Click here to download the form. Orders may be sent to tech@sopforanimals.com.

Below are the free supplies we offer:
1 (large) Jar Biopsy Kit

Each kit contains a 240ml (8 oz) jars in a seal-able plastic bag with absorbent material all within a cardboard box.

2 (small) Jar Biopsy Kit

Each kit contains two 60ml (2 oz) jars in a seal-able plastic bag with absorbent material all within a cardboard box.


A 4 x 3 x 3 inch box for shipping one average sized jar (~8 oz) or 2 smaller jars (~2 oz). A seal-able plastic bag and absorbent material is also included inside each cardboard box. No jars included.

Individual Cassettes

Cassettes can be labeled with either a pencil or fine tip Sharpie. Do not squish tissues thicker than 5 mm into a cassette.

Please see How to Submit a Sample for more packaging and shipping tips.

Handwritten Submission forms: 

Cat        Dog        Horse

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