SOPA provides specialized oral pathology services to veterinarians including veterinary dentists & oral surgeons, general practitioners, and veterinary oncologists.

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Emphasis on Clinicopathological Correlation

Dr. Bell is careful to assimilate all provided history and clinical data. Particularly appreciated are photographs and/or diagnostic images, which are always evaluated and not consider to be superfluous to the pathologist, a member of your team.  Comments emphasize clinical relevance of the microscopic findings for the specific case. The diagnostic process works best when there is dialogue between the pathologist and clinician - greater engagement WILL advance veterinary medicine.  

That’s Gross!

Evaluation of the wet tissue specimens is routine– very few pathologists have the opportunity to see the fixed tissue or directly influence how a biopsy specimen is sub-sampled for histological processing. In veterinary pathology, it is standard practice for technicians to perform grossing of biopsy specimens. Nevertheless, we insist that the pathologist has an active role in this process.
    o Key diagnostic information is apparent grossly, some of which might not be apparent histologically.
    o Optimized anatomical orientation – we get to decide exactly where and how the tissue is sectioned, which allows us to have precise knowledge of anatomic structures represented in each section and to provide the most accurate margin evaluation possible.


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